Get Paid
10 million yen
to travel
around Japan!

Now accepting applications
to become the Ambassador
for a Japan not seen in guidebooks!

Let's travel to Japan!

Applications has been closed. Thanks for your entries.
Please see the Japanese version page for future updates.


“ Something New in Japan ”

Take a journey off the beaten track and
the attractions of
Japan’s Michi-no-Eki.
Spend the night in a Marriot’s
roadside hotel
to experience local attractions
and create your own original adventure.
Could you be the next

What does a TRIP BASE STYLE Ambassador do?

  • Experience what various regions have to offer : discover local food and attractions.
  • By using the tourist facilities and attractions around the various Michi-no-Eki, express your own TRIP BASE STYLE.
  • Get to experience a trip that no one else has experienced before!
  • Share your experiences and discoveries with others through social media.
  • A ‘workation’ with the Fairfield by Marriott hotel and the surrounding Michi-no-Eki.

What are Michi-no-Eki?

Michi-no-Eki, or “Roadside Stations”, are spaces located along Japanʼs national highways. Launched 20 years ago, Michi-no-Eki aim to create a safe, comfortable road traffic environment, and to showcase the individuality of a region with unique, lively spaces. Michi-no-Eki hold events to interact with the local community and give travelers an opportunity to enjoy a variety of local vegetables and produce. They also have 24-hour parking and restrooms and provide information on local roads and sightseeing. At present, there are a total of 1,180 Michi-no-Eki across Japan.


Project Objectives

One of Japanʼs leading housing companies, Sekisui House, Ltd. have been collaborating with Marriot International to propose a new style of travel based on the concept of “The Quest for the Unknown in Japan”. Promoting regional development with a completely new style of experience-based travel, The TRIP BASE Michi-no-Eki project utilizes Japanʼs Michi-no-Eki as a hub to experience the charms of various regions and freely travel around Japan. They are on the search for an Ambassador to help make this project a success, with Sekisui House, Ltd. providing the selected Ambassador with 10 million yen for their efforts.

Ways to enjoy TRIP BASE STYLE

Cook regional foods with fresh, local ingredients.
Plant rice with the local rice farmers.
Take part in local festivals.
Relax with some yoga and a gorgeous view.
Enjoy a hotpot stew inside a hut made of snow.
Take the scenic route,
enjoying views not seen from expressways.

By using the hotel like a base camp,
you can experience a wider range of
travel possibilities.
Wandering from one Michi-no-Eki to another,
you can discover the true character of
each of Japan’s unique regions.



Hotel Fairfield by Marriott

Conveniently located near Michi-no-Eki throughout Japan, the Fairfield by Marriott has everything you need, from friendly staff to free Wi-Fi, to a good night’s sleep. Marriott’s warm hospitality that has been handed down from generation to generation helps you to enjoy a casual and comfortable stay.

Hotel Fairfield by Marriott

Current locations

*6 new hotels are set to open in Hokkaido and Hyogo in 2022, with more to come.

  • Hiroshima - Sera*
  • Okayama - Hiruzen*
  • Kagoshima - Tarumizu*

Application Details

1 individual to be selected as the TRIP BASE STYLE Ambassador

Funds provided
¥10,000,000 JPY *Travel funds are provided by Sekisui House, Ltd.
*Accommodation expenses for Fairfield by Marriott Hotels are provided. (Fairfield by Marriott Sapporo and Osaka Namba are excepted)
*Additional conditions may apply, including the use of travel funds.
*The funds will be provided in Japanese yen, paid in monthly installments. Further details will be provided during the second round of selection.
*Expected usage of the travel funds provided by Sekisui House, Ltd. include: Transportation to and from Japan, meals, any accommodation expenses besides that of Fairfield by Marriott Hotels, and any or all other expenses associated activities in the local area.
Working hours & Location
Essentially up to the Ambassador. Ambassador is to decide for themselves.
Conditions for application
- Applicants must be 20 years old and above.
- Open to any nationality- Also open to those living abroad with a valid Japanese visa, or foreign nationals residing in Japan.
- Applicants must be environmentally conscious and able to follow infection prevention procedures.
- Applicants must be willing to hold their role as Ambassador for the period stipulated in their service agreement.
Term of appointment
1 year, beginning .
Application Period
Open from until

*The selected ambassador will be appointed on a contract basis. Details of ambassador activities and contracts will be announced during the second round of selection.
*The schedule may be subject to change due to the impact of COVID-19.
*Selection schedule will be announced on TRIP BASE STYLE’s official website, as well as the official Twitter and Instagram.

How to Apply

Follow TRIP BASE STYLE’s official Twitter or Instagram and make a post or tweet about what you would like to do as an ambassador with the hashtags.

#MyTripBaseStyle or #私のトリップベーススタイル

Applications have closed. Thanks for your entries.The first passer will get a contact From TRIP BASE STYLE PROMOTION OFFICE by Direct Message.

Selection Process

  1. 01 Accepting Ambassador applications (Deadline : )
  2. 02 Announcement of the 1st round of selection (Early October 2021, date TBA)
  3. 03 2nd round of selection (Mid-October 2021 onwards) (Details of the 2nd round of selection will be provided to those who have passed the 1st round of selection.)
  4. 04 Final round of selection (scheduled for or )
    (Details of the final round of selection will be provided to those who have passed the 2nd round of selection.)
  5. 05 The ambassador is decided! ( or )


Can I still apply if I do not have a Twitter or Instagram account?
To apply, you must have a Twitter or Instagram account.
I do not have many followers on social media. Can I still apply?
As long as you are passionate about sharing your experience with many people, your current number of followers is not important.
What are your criteria for choosing the ambassador?
We will decide the ambassador based on a combination of your application form and the content of your regular social media posts.
Am I able to continue my regular (remote) work whilst travelling to the various destinations?
Of course! In fact, working whilst travelling is part of the TRIP BASE STYLE experience.
I have children. Is it okay to bring them along with me?
The ambassador is welcome to bring their children along with them. (In such case,the children are welcome to stay at the Fairfield by Marriott accommodation as well).We are looking forward to seeing your travels from a family perspective!
Are university students allowed to apply to be ambassador?
Of course! We encourage you discover a new style of travel, based on your own unique personality.
Can a couple or group of people apply?
The current ambassador contract is for 1 individual. For those who wish to take part as a couple or group, this will be discussed when signing the service contract.
Can I be ambassador if I have no experience in tourism or travel?
Anyone who can represent TRIP BASE STYLE in their own, individual way is welcome to apply- regardless of previous experience!
I can’t drive- can I still apply?
Using local transport (such as trains and buses) or renting bicycles to get around is fine.
During my contract period, am I able to stay at accommodation besides Fairfield by Marriott?
It is possible. Further details will be provided during the second round of selection.
What is the payment schedule for the ambassador?
The payment is made in monthly installments. Further details will be provided during the second round of selection.
Are transportation fees and meal expenses provided?
Meal expenses are not included, however, transportation fees will be provided. Further details will be provided during the second round of selection.
I would like to take part whilst working another job. How much of a time commitment is being an ambassador?
You can decide your own time commitment, within the scope of the terms and conditions of the service contract that will be announced at the start of the second round of selection.
Can I submit my application more than once?
Of course!
Do I have to pay for my own flights/transportation from my country to Japan?
Please use the funds provided by Sekisui House, Ltd to cover any flights in or out of Japan.